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Another Project re-started :)

Another Project re-started :)

Bungalow hit by lightning - DBS rebuilding from the ground up

It was a sad day walking around this property for the first time, a family's home destroyed in a flash. Our first job was to remove the contents and then dismantle and clear the whole property to the ground....

This was another project hit by the Lockdown, our Skip supplier suddenly slowed down due to reduced staff and infrequent skip exchanges followed. DBS's team eventually managed to get the site clear.

Here are some photos...

How we found it - Before Lockdown.


Shotley Prior to Demo
Shotley Livingroom - Before 2
Shotley Kitchen - Before
Shotley Bedroom - Before 2

Clearing Site - all carfully done by hand

Shotley Int demo - Final walls
Shotley Re-build - Someone is having fun
Shotley Int demo - Final walls
Shotley Demo - Site clear

And all left safe and secure during Lockdown

Shotley Re-build - Site Safety

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