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Care-farm Barn Conversion – Works re-started

Care-farm Barn Conversion – Works re-started

Yet another Project interrupted by COVID-19 – Re-Started

DBS managed to get most of the external works on this project completed prior to lockdown, this involved some large concrete pads, a new courtyard, structural repairs to a whole corner of the barn complex and new drainage.

In the last couple of weeks, our teams have re-mobilised to start phase 2 of the works which involves re-roofing, and converting the barns internal areas into a teaching block, kitchenette, and a new toilet block.

DBS is really pleased to be doing this Care Farm Project and look forward to the day the service users can make use of the great new facilities.

Keep popping by for further updates and Photos


Upperwood - External Structural repairs 1 Upperwood - External Structural repairs 1 Upperwood - External Structural repairs 2 Upperwood - Watertreatment plant 1 Upperwood - Concreting Slabs to new Courtyard

BACK ON SITE – Preparing for Phase 2 works

Upperwood - Back on site 1 Upperwood - Posers :D

Getting it right on the Canopies

Canopy Replacement Program in full swing

Yet another project interrupted by the pandemic, again supplies were a bit erratic to start with and new processes for our dedicated team to set up and learn.

These are not a simple task, with steel reinforced concrete having to be removed and very challenging access to ensure these are removed safely and as cleanly as possible (certainly not the cleanest of jobs when wet cutting to eradicate dangerous dust) using access towers and heavy lifting equipment.

We are really pleased how things are now progressing on these, there have been a few hic-ups and unexpected problems on the way, but working together we have added new processes to smooth out the issues and made ourselves prepared for the previously un-know problems that arose during the first couple of villages.

With circa 500 canopies to replace a lot of co-ordination between our client, our great admin team in the office and the hard working team on site, we are now comfortable pushing through the list of properties to do and are now recruiting an additional labourer to assist this skilled team.

Thanks to all on our canopy team for a great co-ordinated effort !!

Photos of progress – BEFORE

GYN Canopy - Before 2 GYN Canopy - Before 3

Removal Set-up

GYN Canopy Removal - Set-up 1 GYN Canopy Removal - Set-up 2

Removal Completed

GYN Canopy Removal - Complete 1

Replacement Complete

GYN Canopy - Complete 1 GYN Canopy - Complete 2 GYN Canopy - Complete 4 GYN Canopy - Complete 3

Another Project re-started :)

Bungalow hit by lightning – DBS rebuilding from the ground up

It was a sad day walking around this property for the first time, a family’s home destroyed in a flash. Our first job was to remove the contents and then dismantle and clear the whole property to the ground….

This was another project hit by the Lockdown, our Skip supplier suddenly slowed down due to reduced staff and infrequent skip exchanges followed. DBS’s team eventually managed to get the site clear.

Here are some photos…

How we found it – Before Lockdown.


Shotley Prior to Demo Shotley Livingroom - Before 2 Shotley Kitchen - Before Shotley Bedroom - Before 2

Clearing Site – all carfully done by hand

Shotley Int demo - Final walls Shotley Re-build - Someone is having fun Shotley Int demo - Final walls Shotley Demo - Site clear

And all left safe and secure during Lockdown

Shotley Re-build - Site Safety

An inconvenience at the Conveniences

COVID-19 Interrupted works on Public Convenience projects

Just Before the lockdown DBS started the refurbishment of several blocks of public toilets that were having long overdue refurbishments.

DSS’s teams had great starts on several sites, all materials were ordered and Manufacturing of cubicles etc were under way… THEN IT HAPPENED

Initial  lockdown happened and our teams altered the way we were working to try to complete the works for the ‘End of March Deadline’ which WAS going to be a formality – But then the MAIN LOCKDOWN kicked in and supplies dried up, Factories closed down and we couldn’t even pick up or source a tin of paint, DBS tried to continue using stock from our own stores but it was inevitable that works ground to a holt and Projects had to be mothballed

You know the next bit… sitting at home with everybody else.

We were pleased to eventually be allowed back on sites once suppliers began receiving stock again, and factories reopened, things are arriving much slower still but with 6 of these WC projects on the go, the rolling program of trades sees us now managing to complete one of these WC projects every week,

The timing of this could not have been worse for our seaside villages, with people finally being able to visit beaches, unfortunately all was out of our control.

Here is some before and after photos of one of the projects we completed over 2 weeks ago.


Hemsby WC's Before 1 Hemsby WC's Before 2


Hemsby WC's After 1 Hemsby WC's After 2 Hemsby WC's After 3

Before and During Lockdown

DBS were working on some great projects before the lockdown, and once these were all snowballed we took time to reflect.

So, during the lockdown period DBS utilised the time to scrutinise and update our procedures and systems to ensure that when we returned back to sites, works would be carried out more effectively, efficiently and more safely than ever.

DBS have invested time and money to help improve internal & external communications, our organising and collaboration abilities and the wellbeing our our teams, all this with the aim of improving our quality of delivery and continued client satisfaction

Now that DBS have un-furloughed all our staff we are back up and running fully, there will be lots of updates coming soon over the coming weeks, so please keep popping in to see the progress. there will be lots of ‘Before & After’ photos.

The Stroke Association

In honour of one of DBS’s dedicated operatives ‘Bill’ that is at home recuperating from this serious life-threatening medical condition, and the 100,000 people that suffer a stroke every year, DBS would like to name them as as our Charity of Choice for future fundraising

The Covid-19 lockdown is affecting everyone one way or another and the other problems that people face day in day out sadly fall from the limelight

Click Here The Stroke Association – DONATE

Who wouldn’t help ??

In these extraordinary times we all need to do our bit to save lives, even the smallest assistance helps the bigger picture.

With this in mind DBS has been encouraging its staff and dedicated workforce to download this great app to help in some way


Join us and share your health daily to help scientists and researchers beat COVID-19: https://bit.ly/c19symptoms With…

Posted by Join ZOE on Monday, April 27, 2020

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Making things safe for all – we all have the duty

DBS and it’s fantastic teams, doing what we can

DBS have been following all NHS and Government guidelines throughout these extraordinary times. Given the new advice on Monday by Boris Johnson we started to scale back works to make things safe and began to restrict works to remote and essential works.

Sadly our great teams are reducing in scale systematically, but we all agree that this is all for the better good. They have all worked tirelessly for DBS.

The teams at DBS have made us the success we are, and we look forward to welcoming them all back when the time comes. In the meantime we wish them and their loved ones well and would like them to stay safe at home.

We will keep in touch with our group chats – love you all and thank you !! xxxx

Trying To Keep To Our Motto – On Time, On Budget

Trying To Keep To Our Motto – On Time, On Budget

As everyone is aware the developments of the Coronavirus pandemic are continuing. We are aiming to continue to supply our services whilst keeping in mind the health and well-being of our employees and clients. We would like all our employees, sub-contractors and clients to feel confident that work will continue as normal as best as we can, given the current circumstances. We have a duty of care to maintain a healthy and secure working environment, and we all have a duty of care to each other to maintain healthy communities. All at DBS are taking the extra precautions required to ensure we can continue to provide our usual services.

The very nature of Covid-19 means that any appropriate actions today could change dramatically in the future and we will, of course, keep everyone fully up to date on any significant changes.

We thank you all for your continued support.

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