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Getting it right on the Canopies

Getting it right on the Canopies

Canopy Replacement Program in full swing

Yet another project interrupted by the pandemic, again supplies were a bit erratic to start with and new processes for our dedicated team to set up and learn.

These are not a simple task, with steel reinforced concrete having to be removed and very challenging access to ensure these are removed safely and as cleanly as possible (certainly not the cleanest of jobs when wet cutting to eradicate dangerous dust) using access towers and heavy lifting equipment.

We are really pleased how things are now progressing on these, there have been a few hic-ups and unexpected problems on the way, but working together we have added new processes to smooth out the issues and made ourselves prepared for the previously un-know problems that arose during the first couple of villages.

With circa 500 canopies to replace a lot of co-ordination between our client, our great admin team in the office and the hard working team on site, we are now comfortable pushing through the list of properties to do and are now recruiting an additional labourer to assist this skilled team.

Thanks to all on our canopy team for a great co-ordinated effort !!

Photos of progress - BEFORE

GYN Canopy - Before 2
GYN Canopy - Before 3

Removal Set-up

GYN Canopy Removal - Set-up 1
GYN Canopy Removal - Set-up 2

Removal Completed

GYN Canopy Removal - Complete 1

Replacement Complete

GYN Canopy - Complete 1
GYN Canopy - Complete 2
GYN Canopy - Complete 4
GYN Canopy - Complete 3

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